Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Massacre

[What's this? A second post in six months? It must be a miracle!]

Right about the time I discovered Johnny Hollow, I also found The Birthday Massacre... within a day or two of my birthday... heheh, go figure! I must be in a darker mood lately, as some of their songs are among the "happier" sounds coming out of my speakers at home and at work. Like most dark music does, my muse seems bouyed above whatever troubles were dragging "her" down, and I found myself becoming more productive with this "soundtrack" playing in the back ground.

Currently, I'd categorize The Birthday Massacre as "Goth-pop", but that may simply be my gloomy mood overriding what would otherwise be a proper categorization. I don't mean any disrespect to the band by using that label, as many Goth bands might find it anathema, yet I merely mean some people might find their music more approachable than other Goth-rock (or the songs coming out of my speakers lately). The video for Blue is delightfully creepy, with animated porcelain dolls lurking through the hallways of the trapped woman's mind. (Okay, she may not be physically trapped but the imagery points towards an inflicted insanity).

Check 'em out via their playlist on YouTube

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