Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remodel: The Media Room

So, yeah, I'm sitting here in what will be the family room/home theater of our remodeled vintage home listening to Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures (on aged vinyl no less!) and essentially chilling out after a hard day's work (consisting mostly of manual labor) when I realize that I hadn't posted in… oh, forever! I thought that I might consider posting again tonight given that I've had more than two days off in a row. Ya see, posting about the lagging progress of "things" gets a bit discouraging when work is frenetically busy and we're not home enough to round out and bolster the proverbial "life/work balance" (certain things come to mind). Couple that with interfacing with home loan bankers and their "hours", lagging energy after work, and my family's busy schedule, and we have the perfect recipe for… um… what is the term for it? Oh yeah, "delays". Mmm, tasty delays! Savor that bitter flavor! Besides, I'm damn tired tonight having shoveled a bunch of dirt and moved many bricks about to recreate the walkways we really liked. 

[The previous record is over (I started typing late, sue me), so I'll drop the needle on Closer (again, on vinyl, duh!) to keep the vibe going.]

Where was I? Oh yes, delays! Whoa! A lot has happened. (well, not alot acording to some people.) The exterior is paint ready. (Photos coming.) The interior is at the "rough-in stage" with bare studs and 2/3rds complete plumbing and electrical. I've jumped in by adding the low voltage wiring for networking, video, and audio, but those efforts don't equate to a finished home.

[A call for the alarm company has brought down the beer buzz I'm floating on. ::sigh::]

Thinking of the unfinished home, I realize I need to post several photos of the outside to get things up to date, but trust me, there has been a lot of progress. Then there's the photos of the interiors to give everyone perspective on the spaces that have come together. In some ways, it boggles our minds!

I'll have to get on those postings!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Remodel - February 7

Just a quick update to let everyone see the progress on the remodel. As of this morning, the remodel currently looks like this if you're standing at the base of the studio steps:

Obviously I haven't been keeping this blog up to date, but I hope to backfill the missing period either via photos or another quick video.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remodel - Time Lapse v.1

After I'd been shooting photos of the construction for a while, I realized I could have been making a time lapse video. I went back and looked through the photos I took and found I had been relatively consistent in my camera angles. Thanks to some time spent in Photoshop, I was able to stitch the photos together and make them into something somewhat watchable with Windows Movie Maker. I hope you enjoy the quick video... and like it says, "More to come!"