Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remodel - Time Lapse v.1

After I'd been shooting photos of the construction for a while, I realized I could have been making a time lapse video. I went back and looked through the photos I took and found I had been relatively consistent in my camera angles. Thanks to some time spent in Photoshop, I was able to stitch the photos together and make them into something somewhat watchable with Windows Movie Maker. I hope you enjoy the quick video... and like it says, "More to come!"


  1. Very intriguing to watch, Bryon. Hope you and yours are all staying sane while waiting for the house to be back in one piece.

  2. Sane? Hmmm... that all depends on the perspective of the one asking the question I suppose. Several people say we're nuts for doing this. We sometimes feel like we are going stir-crazy in our 520+ sq. ft. "home" over the garage. For the most part, we are looking forward to finishing the project.