Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello, Old Friends

I walked into the library this evening to grab a book* and, after turning on the light, found myself saying "hello, dear old friends" to my books. I stood there a moment in disbelief that they were on shelves once again. They were unpacked a couple of weeks ago after spending from two to thirteen years packed in boxes. There are still many more than this packed away--begging me to dig back into them looking for a particular author or genre--but most of the relevant works line the shelves. When the "final" bookcases are built (a project for later, perhaps with the help of the cabinet maker a block over), we will have even more linear footage for books in the library and these bookcases will return to the studio to add much needed shelf space to that library of fiction and gaming materials.

Not too long after greeting the books, I arrived at the decision to post a quick entry on this blog and double the utility of my thought. "Hello, old friend." It has been a long time since I have shared something here. Now that the house remodel is winding down, I am longing for life to return to some sense of normalcy. Too much has happened over the past two or three years to ignore, yet I won't spend much space on those things here. Instead, I will revisit this site in the spirit of its creation. Besides, those musings have been bottled up for too long. Far too long.

* The book, to answer the question some might ask, was the 1946 Tower Books third printing of "Best Supernatural Stories of H. P. Lovecraft" edited by August Derleth. I think I purchased it while on a bookstore crawl with Steven and friends. Tonight, I needed to refer to a short story within its pages... for something... devious.

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